Product Review: Jordan Melo M10’s

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Finding the Perfect Fit

As someone who has played basketball since kindergarten my feet have been subject to several pairs of shoes. Each pair of new shoes has provided insight to help select the next pair I purchase. The Jordan Melo M10’s has exceeded my expectations. This premium sneaker conforms to the foot and performs well in competition. These are two major factors I look for when selecting basketball shoes.   The M10’s prove that with the right combination of materials, support system, and traction pattern they are premier basketball shoe.

Time to Lace Up

These shoes are classified as “mids” because the main body of the shoe partially covers the ball of the ankle. What I particularly enjoy is that there are upper ankle supports. For a player like myself who has rolled my ankles several times, these pieces add stability to the ankle give the player more confidence when driving or cutting. Working down the shoe, we come to the main body. This is composed of light and rigid materials to keep the overall weight down but remain stable. On the inside of the shoe the cushioning is first class. From the moment I placed my feet in the shoes it felt like they were already broken in. Normally this process of breaking in your shoes normally takes several practices and may result with blisters. To have this feeling from the start is what made me buy the shoes. Continuing down to where the rubber meets the hard wood, the soles. The bottoms of these shoes are unlike anything I have ever felt beneath my feet. It is broken into two main pads connected my a rigid “flight pad.” The pad underneath the toes is wide and incorporates a slightly raised pad because basketball players are constantly on their toes. The heal pad is rigid and adds stability to the ankle.

Who Stacks Up

The M10’s closely resemble the framework of the Jordan XX8 and XX8 SE. The two older models utilized the same rigid structure and a similar lacing pattern to that of the M10’s. These models were strong in design but lacked the advanced materials to really take off. An improvement in the anatomy of the new model was where the most drastic changes could be seen.

Try Them On

Kicksologists writer, Reece Chau’s review gave the shoes an A-. In his over all review, he highlights the exceptional cushioning, support and traction. These factors were key points mentioned in several reviews. Gymrat Performance Reviews page mentioned the premium materials used in the making of this shoe. They also discuss how these materials are implemented into the performance and fit of the shoe.

With these exceptional qualities there were also areas that people did not enjoy. The ventilation was a reoccurring issue in many reviews that I read. This was cause by the use of neoprene, a material that absorbs sweat rather than vent it. Another matter to be aware of is the design of the traction pattern. Many reviews raved about the impressive traction on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Nightwing2303’s video review highlights that using them on outdoor surfaces can burn down the traction pattern exponentially faster. I agree completely with his assessment of the product and his video appeals to all of the visual learners out there, including myself.


When the M10’s came out they were priced for one hundred sixty to one hundred seventy dollars. The premium materials throughout the shoes construction warranted the high price. This price fits into the upper price range in todays market for basketball shoes. Sites such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Foot Locker, and Champs have the shoes going for one hundred thirty dollars. Ironically enough over the creation of this entry the Melo M11’s came out. This explains the sudden price drop of the M10’s.

Personal Notes

I have enjoyed this pair of sneakers for over a year now. I have yet to have an issue with ventilation but to some players this is very important. Each time I put them on I am amazed at how locked in my feet feel. I have become increasingly pleased with the use of the inner heal cup. This piece of cushion runs along my Achilles tendon and prevents the back of my foot from sliding or shifting. My feet blister easily and with this extra support it allows me to play more aggressively without having to worry about the future foot pain. I would recommend this pair of shoes to any current or former basketball player looking for a great balance between cushion and rigidity.

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